Dallas New Tech: Cariloop

Michael Walsh is the CEO and founder of Cariloop, a Dallas startup that helps families walk through the many complex decisions and tasks associated with caring for an elderly loved one. He spoke last week at Dallas New Tech explaining Cariloop’s vision and what they do.

“We believe that no one should have to go through the process of caring for their aging loved ones alone,” Michael said.

Statistics show that significant salary and productivity loss are associated with time taken off by caregivers who are taking care of their loved ones over 20 hours a week. Cariloop wants to mitigate these losses by offering their comprehensive service solution. They offer video chats with healthcare professionals, on demand access to a dedicated healthcare coach, web/mobile storage and communication tools to store important documents, progress and update tracking on their case, referrals to medical, legal, or financial professionals, and control over their privacy and personal information.

Cariloop has recently raised over $1 million in seed capital and now has over 1,000 monthly subscribers. They recently gained Rent-A-Center as a client, and are looking at another $1 million in possible near future opportunities. They are now looking to partner with employee benefit companies in order to provide this to more individuals going forward.

Watch the pitch below:


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