Arlington Chamber of Commerce to Offer Free Unmanned Aircraft Training

Dallas has been a hotbed of drone-related activity. We have been one of the best spots to build a drone company, and with limited regulations enacted by Texas and the Dallas/Fort Worth local companies, the drone community has continued to grow.  Now, the Arlington Chamber of Commerce is inviting those between the ages of 18 and 24 to participate in a free, one-week, 36 hour Unmanned Aircraft Systems 101 Training Program.

To be located at the Tarrant County College, Northwest Campus in Fort Worth, the Arlington Chamber has been awarded the Wagner-Peyser Grant to offer this training program.  The training will focus on financial literacy education, and Unmanned Aircraft Systems training.  Upon completion the participants will have gained new skills that will prepare them to safely operate drones, a brave new world of technology.

There are few fields that are not being affected by the introduction of drones.  Pecan Lodge Barbecue is now delivering using drone technology.  PercepTonic has created a collision detection system for drones to better ensure aircraft safety.  Drones are quickly becoming more advanced. Two Dallas-based businesses are leading the way.  Gossamer, an engineering firm, and Reliant, a plastics firm, having joined forces to create Teal Drones.  Their newly designed drones are so advanced they can maneuver at speeds up to 85 miles per hour. This offers novices and professionals alike exciting new drone technology.

With the Arlington Chamber of Commerce offering free Unmanned Aircraft Systems training to new workers in the community, they are helping to fill what will undoubtedly be a large market for employers along with providing much-needed job training and financial literacy to the next generation of workers.

Harmony Tapper