Small Business Nation Highlights North-Texas’ Social Ice Offering Wine-Infused Ice Pops

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Nation recently highlighted Social Ice Incorporated, a North Texas company offering wine-infused ice pops.  These adult-friendly ice pops come in four flavors: mimosa orange, strawberry daiquiri, sangria grape, and classic margarita. They are found in retailers throughout the North Texas region.

Creator Michael Seyfried used to be a futures trader. He left behind the finance field to explore and pursue his idea of icy, refreshing alcoholic treats that would be perfect in the summer heat of Texas and beyond.  Seyfried introduced Social Ice at the 2011 Texas State Fair and the result was an unmitigated success.

While Social Ice was quickly a hit at the Texas State Fair, taking his idea from a state fair novelty to mainstream product was not nearly as easy.  Acknowledging the difficulties associated with alcoholic beverages, even in frozen form, Seyfried successfully handled the challenges related to advertising regulations and the multiple distribution, and logistical challenges.

Initially, Social Ice was only available at festivals and restaurants and bars. It was recently announced that Social Ice is now available at Spec’s Liquor Stores across Texas, growing the market base, and resulting in a spike for demand.  This has not eliminated the challenge of offering what is essentially a new product-alcohol is not traditionally found in stores in frozen form or as a novelty item such as an ice pop.

The ice pops themselves contain 5% alcohol by volume (ABV). That is about one-third of a typical glass of wine. These delicious pops are perfect on their own, or as part of a cocktail.  In order to create a product that was enjoyable, Seyfried worked with food scientists, eventually selecting the four offered flavors based on their popularity as traditional adult drinks.

Social Ice, was initially a one-man operation. However, now they employs a handful of part-time workers. Social Ice tries to locally source as many as the ingredients as possible.  As demand for Social Ice has grown, Seyfried admits it has become more difficult to source the necessary ingredients in bulk.  Regardless of where the ingredients come from, he is serious about his commitment to using only the best. He uses only real fruit, real fruit juice, and cane sugar and absolutely no artificial coloring or flavoring.  Keeping it organic and natural was important to Seyfried, seeking to ensure the best quality and taste possible for the product.

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