Introducing Chance Cards, Online Dating for the “In Real Life” World

Dallas has been ground zero for many dating products, from One & Only, which was acquired by, to, acquired by MatchNet, PLC, and now both known as is also headquartered in Dallas.  A new Dallas-based dating tool just launched this week, Chance Cards.

Billed as a means of connecting online after meeting someone in person, for instance while standing in line for a cup of coffee, or bumping into a potential future date at the grocery store.  Chance is a small business-card like card that has a code attached to it. The user gives the card to the person that they run into and would like to connect further with. This is great for those of us who may not know how to seal the deal in person.

The receiver of the card follows the web address, and inputs the code on the card to see your introductory video.  If they are interested or intrigued, they have the opportunity to connect with the giver of the card.  Along with potentially creating a connection between two strangers that meet in the real world, the card has a code for a $5 Starbucks gift card.  This creates an incentive for the receiver of the card to watch the introductory video, after which they answer a question and then receive the gift card.  It’s as if the giver of the card is buying the receiver a cup of coffee.

Chance Cards gives people the opportunity to never wonder if they missed a connection.  Not everyone has the confidence to give out their number, or ask a total stranger for a date.  This also works around the stress of online dating. Often, with traditional online dating the user must always wonder if the profile is real, or if they are being cat-fished.

The Chance Cards are purchased online in sets of three, with the total cost of three being $29.99.  The user does not need to register in order to purchase the cards. This makes them perfect to give to a friend or relative as a gift.  A unique idea for your super-shy friend or busy coworker that does not have the patience for online dating.

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