Selery Fulfillment Leads the Pack in the Tech Wildcatters Gauntlet

Selery Fulfillment recently became the first company to reach level 4 in the Tech Wildcatters Gauntlet, Robert Brevelle announced last month on Twitter. Robert is the Managing Director and COO at Tech Wildcatters, which is a nationally ranked accelerator founded in Dallas in 2009.

This year Tech Wildcatters introduced The Gauntlet, a 5-tier system for startups. It’s based on the years of experience the company has in seeing what does and doesn’t work, for the companies themselves, and investors. Startups are placed in competitive groups with other startups at their development level. Then they move through the 5 tiers by hitting specific measurable milestones. At each milestone they receive further investment from Tech Wildcatters.

Having reached Level 4 of The Gauntlet, Selery Fulfillment is now the first company to be on their way toward the final level. When they reach level 5, Tech Wildcatters will lead their seed round with $100,000, and pull together other investors to finish the round. Reaching this level is indicative of the company’s large potential for growth.

Selery Fulfillment is a Dallas-based fulfillment service that sells online and provides warehousing, supplies, and shipping. They market themselves as being less expensive, faster, and easier to work with than other fulfillment services (they even offer same-day shipping), specifically Washington-based Amazon and California-based Shipwire. With Selery Fulfillment’s performance so far, it won’t be a surprise to see them continue to succeed in this market.

Tech Wildcatters accepts new enrollees in The Gauntlet throughout the year, so if you’re ready to take your startup to the next level, take a look and see if it may be right for you.