Dallas New Tech, August 2016, with Tech.Co!

Good afternoon Launch DFW readers – tonight we have a very special Dallas New Tech. It’s presented in cooperation with Tech.Co, Silicon Valley Bank, and The DEC.

Tonight’s format is a modified New Tech. The teams will still have 5 minutes to present, and 5 minutes for Q&A, but this time we’re introducing a panel of judges. We’ll have Fiona Schlachter from Health Wildcatters, David Matthews from REVTECH, Jason Story of Hangar Ventures, and Trey Bowles from The DEC.

The two best teams (as chosen by the judges) will be flown to Silicon Valley to compete in Celebrate 2016!

Here’s a preview:

XClaim Mobile | @xclaimmb
Brian Maupin, Founder/CEO
Xclaim delivers one-click integration of location-based advertising and push notifications into existing ad campaigns.
Cariloop | @Cariloop
Michael Walsh, Founder/CEO
Cariloop provides comprehensive services and tools that help families plan for and manage the care of aging loved ones.
Partake Golf | @heathbarnett1
Heath Barnett, Founder/CEO
Purchase food, beverages, and snacks directly from the clubhouse.
GetLaundri | @GetLaundri
David Burrows, President/Cofounder
Laundry, Dry Cleaning & Shoe Service with a 24 Hour Turnaround.
Glass-Media | @GlassMediaTX
Daniel Black, Founder/CEO
Glass-Media is an innovative digital Point-of-Presence (POP) solution that transforms storefronts for brick-and-mortar brands.
iuzeit Inc. | @iuzeit
Yogi Patel, Founder/CEO
A new shopping experience with information from consumers, experts, and your friends!
Panamplify, Inc. | @panamplify
Michael Pratt, CEO/Cofounder
Building intelligent systems to eliminate grunt work and transform the way people do their job.

We hope to see you, in just a few hours!


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