11-year-old Steven Garner Holds 1st Firewheelz Car Show

Rob Garner and Steven Garner have both shared the same passion for cars for many years. Even though Steven isn’t old enough to drive a car just yet, he still is pursuing his passion. This past weekend, he made one of his goals a reality.

The Firewheelz Car Show has their own Facebook page, on which it explained, “Fireweheelz is a car meet up and car show hosted in the Firewheel area of North Garland, Texas, along the Bush Tollway. It is hosted by 11-year-old Steven Garner, a car expert, and self-described car fanatic who has been fascinated with cars since he was 2 years old. Starting in September 2016, the show will be held every 3rd Saturday in the North Garland area.”

Steven named his car show “Firewheelz” after the Firewheel area in Garland, a city just northeast of Dallas. The Firewheel name originally came from a flower that grows naturally in the area, which has red and yellow markings, making it look like a wheel of fire.

They posted pictures on their Facebook page from their first meetup at Liberty Burger in Richardson. There, a variety of cars were showcased, including older cars from the 30s, Ford Mustangs, and even Lamborghinis.

If you’re a car enthusiast, checkout their Facebook page and bring your own car out to their next event!

Sophie Hatch