New Company to Bring Virtual Reality Into Real Estate Development

Andrew Sanderson is the new Director of Business Development for designVR, which has been operational since 2015, but will soon launch a more design driven platform and take on the challenges of the VR future. Based Irving, Texas, they will focus on bringing virtual reality to the real estate market. Andrew wrote an article this week announcing his partnership with the company, and explaining their vision.

He said that a time is coming when just about everyone will have a virtual reality device of some sort. New virtual and augmented reality apps and devices are being developed all the time. The recent Pokémon Go success is just one of many great illustrations of how widely consumers are ready to accept and utilize this kind of technology.

“It is well-known that as goes the US real estate market, so goes the economy. The real estate purchasing, development and improvement market is ripe for disruption,” Sanderson said.

Rising new home sales, the popularity of house flipping, and the millions spent on build-outs every year all serve to illustrate his point. DesignVR will introduce a new and completely different element to this market by allowing consumers to visualize beforehand what they will be purchasing. This virtual reality will enable architects, developers, buyers and designers to collaborate and change textures, colors, structures and objects as they design the finished product. It will also create up sale opportunities for developers and builders, who will be able to show upgraded flooring, appliances and furniture as the project progresses.

Real estate is the natural next step for virtual reality, which has already become more widely used in a variety of industries that seek to connect more with their target audience. Awareness campaigns, educational apps, city improvement projects, vacation travel, and mobile games are just a few of the most recent virtual reality applications. DFW is already a hotbed for this kind of technology. This puts designVR in the perfect position to launch this technology into a new and dynamic market.

Chastiny Lewis