Events of the Week: September 1-4

With so many events taking place across the metroplex, it can be tough to determine what events are right or most convenient for you. We’ve pulled out some of the major startup events taking place across the North Texas region and will bring those to you at the start of each week.


Thursday | Whiteboard Sessions – David Kirkpatrick | 3 p.m.

Friday | Whiteboard Sessions – Rick Jackson | 9 a.m.

Friday | Proof of Lunch | 11:30 a.m.

Friday | Whiteboard Sessions – Sheryl Chamberlain | noon

Friday | Whiteboard Sessions – Christopher Haley | 3 p.m.

Saturday | Code Collective | 10 a.m.

North Dallas

Friday | Are You an Entrepreneur? Coffee Meetup | 7:30 a.m.

Friday | Work from “Home” from The Lab | 9 a.m.

Saturday | Open Source Saturday | 10 a.m.


Saturday | NodeSchool Denton | 2 p.m.


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