Back-to-School Chores Become Fun With The Dunk Collection

The Dirty Dunk was created in 1987 by Charlie McKinney. It quickly became a household favorite across the country, with sales totaling over $5 million within two years. Today, Charlie’s son Marshall McKinney is ready to take on the expanding e-commerce marketplace with The Dunk Collection.

The Dunk Collection brings back the original products with new graphics and improved quality to compete in the 21st century. Their products, according to their mission statement, are designed “for every bedroom, dorm room, office and bathroom in America.”

“We connect authentic basketball inspired products to sports minded families seeking exciting and entertaining ways to combat the mundane chores of laundry, trash and bathing.” With children across the country heading back to school, this Dallas start-up can indeed streamline daily chores, and make the prospect of daily routines a little more fun.

The flagship product, The Dirty Dunk, encourages kids (and the young at heart) to keep dirty laundry contained, which any parent knows is half the daily chore battle. The large “net” encourages users to “dunk” dirty shirts and socks rather than leave them in corners or under beds, only to be overlooked when laundry day approaches.

Scrub-A-Dunk makes the daily routine of bath time less contentious. Rather than pulling kids away from their play for a necessary chore, they can have fun with it – even using the “ball” sponge for scrubbing!

Both parent and child alike can appreciate The Document Dunk. Whether disposing of documents and memos, or homework notes and rough drafts, everyone has more fun when “oops” becomes “swish”.

It’s easy to see why Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban featured The Dirty Dunk in his Amazon Exclusives Collection. Daily chores are an inescapable part of life. The daily routine runs much smoother when chores are done, but there’s no reason they can’t be fun. The Dunk Collection adds some excitement to the daily routine, making the prospect of school day routines easier on everyone.

After all, the fun shouldn’t end just because summer vacation did.

Shannon McConnell