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August 2016

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At Ignite DFW, Bethany Hilton presented on the topic: Building a Power Network. Hilton is an account manager for Improving, a software development and consulting services firm. She explained that in June of 2015, she was laid off from her

John South has over 25 years experience in internet marketing, technology, and business improvement. He's the President of global operations for GPO, a digital marketing agency, and Partner to Venture451, where he mentors, consults, and invests in startups. Based on his extensive

Kimberly Clark is an Irving, Texas-based, global corporation that provides a wide range of products. Products such as diaper brand Huggies, Kleenex,  Scott and Cottonelle toilet paper, and feminine care products such as Kotex.  The Wall Street Journal's Mike Shields recently reported

For foreign entrepreneurs, until last week, working in the United States was a daunting challenge. But this all changed when the White House announced plans to let people stay in this country for up to five years- so long as

Entrepreneur Magazine recently highlighted the challenges facing brick-and-mortar retailers. They addressed the need for them to innovate in order to compete and flourish in a digital world, highlighting the innovation of a local Dallas business, Glass-Media.  There have been many experts

DriveAds is changing the world of outdoor advertising. By turning personal vehicles into mobile billboards, DriveAds ensures those on the road see the ad at every mile, and provide a potential source of extra income for the everyday driver.  This Dallas-based

Mizzen + Main CEO and Founder Kevin Lavelle has called an owner's meeting. A unique call as Lavelle admitted "we have no institutional investors, and no one asked for the meeting."  The company, which aims to create menswear that feels good and

Penny Kim recently shared her story about how she was scammed by a Silicon Valley startup, so that others might learn from her experience. Her story began in May when she applied for a Marketing Director position with a startup in the

Shear Share is a groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind beauty platform that connects barbers and cosmetologists to salons, spas, and barbershops that have open suites and booths.  The McKinney-based service is now available in more than 240 cities, and helps to fill empty

Far too many people in the startup community, along with others in the general business community, believe that San Francisco is the best place to be.  While there are certainly advantages to San Francisco, this city is no longer the

This month’s event features a variety of companies, not just in product, but in progress. Two of the six are from Tech Wildcatter’s new Gauntlet model, and are the only two to have achieved level 4. Selery Fulfillment is level

Tech.Co introduced their Top 50 Startups that are competing at Innovate! and Celebrate 2016 that is taking place in the heart of Silicon Valley in San Jose from September 20-22.  There are four teams that made it from Texas, and all are

Kevin stopped by Collide Village, an accelerator based in McKinney, Texas, to talk to its current startup class about term sheets, valuation, convertible notes, and equity. If you’re a startup looking to raise capital, here is some of the basic

PediaQ is the on demand pediatric urgent care service that bills itself as the Pediatric House Call. They are changing the face of pediatric medicine by making it more accessible for all.  In June it was announced that PediaQ had

Robert Brevelle is the Managing Director and COO at Tech WildCatters. Tech WildCatters is a company that invests their money, time, and resources into startups. They launched an accelerator in 2009 entitled, "The Gauntlet," which is a five-stage process of the

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This is episode number 1 of The Jason Croft Show where we give you the first steps to launching a business, the importance of accountability, and what you should be doing instead of eating lunch.
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Updated August 28th, 2016 with a quote from Airbnb. NoiseAware is a brilliant device that allows property owners to passively ensure that guests in their home do not allow the volume inside to get out of control.  Working much like a

The Akola Project raises social awareness while helping to lift women out of poverty in both Uganda and Dallas, a notable and noble goal.  A few months ago, here at Launch DFW we celebrated Brittany Merril Underwood, who was named

Insight! That was the name of the game at 1 Million Cups on Wednesday, August 24th. The community both gave insight, and gained it by listening to the pitches by Laura and Laramie. Both products are in beta (or, in

Fax machines and paperwork seem like such a relic for so many people these days thanks to the internet, tablets and  mobile phones. But, when it comes to health records however, things have largely been less than transformed. It's no

The release of Pokemon Go on July 5 of this year was the first real introduction to the masses the technology of augmented reality.  Hoards of children and adults have downloaded the game onto their mobile devices in a quest to

Patrick Seaman has been a mentor, advisor, and consultant for startups for 12 years. He's been involved with startups focused on software, media productions, and e-commerce, to name just a few. He created a presentation called, "Attracting Talent to Startups," which addressed the startup

With so many events taking place across the metroplex, it can be tough to determine what events are right or most convenient for you. We’ve pulled out some of the major startup events taking place across the North Texas region

LunchPro is a Dallas-based company that connects local caters with pharmaceutical reps and medical offices. These lunches are provided by pharmaceutical reps, for the medical officers that they are seeking to assist.  LunchPro was founded in 2002 by Matt Carlton, who saw

Koupon Media is a Tech Wildcatters alumni, that was just announced as being on the prestigious Inc. 500 List of America's Fastest Growing Private Companies.  Tech Wildcatters, the iconic Dallas-based startup accelerator, saw Koupon Media graduate from its Class of 2011. Koupon

Sometimes solving a problem isn’t as easy as identifying a problem and solving it. Two entrepreneurs took the stage on Wednesday, August 17th at 1 Million Cups to present their problems and subsequent solutions. One a product and the other

Hi everyone.  Jason Croft here.  Thanks so much for diving into the show.  I’m excited to share some really great business strategies with you in these episodes.  I’ve started this latest show because I’m on a mission to find new

As virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) start to become more commonly used technologies, there is now ample opportunity for those looking to create something iconic to do so. The field is beginning its mass introduction to the average technology

General Assembly, a global educational institution, announced last week that they plan to grow the number of their physical campuses by over 60% this year. This will increase their campus count from 15 to 25, and one of which is in Dallas. They also

The University of North Texas New College at Frisco is hosting an event next week called "Infopresence Unleashed," featuring Oblong Industries and Mezzanine. Mezzanine is Oblong's groundbreaking immersive collaboration solution. The New College recently installed Mezzanine in order to create a classroom environment

With so many events taking place across the metroplex, it can be tough to determine what events are right or most convenient for you. We’ve pulled out some of the major startup events taking place across the North Texas region

Fans of all that is creepy were able to experience a virtual reality centered around the nightmare TV series, "American Horror Story" thanks to Dallas based Groove Jones. AHS is an anthology series, so it presents a different story and/or set

“New uses for old things.” That was the theme of 1 Million Cups on Wednesday, August 10th. It’s here that we need to define “old.” How “old” is old? Engineering technology has been around for quite some time, but teaching

Yogesh Patel is the founder and CEO of Iuzeit (i-use-it), a Dallas-based startup. Iuzeit is focused on making product information streamlined, and readily available for consumers to make informed decisions. He spoke last week at Dallas New Tech and explained what

Michael Pratt, the CEO and co-founder of Panamplify, spoke last week at Dallas New Tech. He spoke about the company's purpose and current growth. Panamplify is a Dallas startup that eliminates the grunt work involved in creating marketing reports. Michael started by

David Burrows is the founder and CEO of Laundri, an app-based on-demand laundry cleaning, dry-cleaning and shoe-shining service. He spoke last week at Dallas New Tech on the one-year launch anniversary of the company, explaining how they got started and what their business model

Heath Barnett is the founder and CEO of Partake Golf, a Dallas-based startup.  Partake Golf is a consumer-based application that allows golfers to order food, beverage, and retail offerings from the clubhouse on demand, and have it delivered to them on the golf course. Heath

Linux Academy is Fort Worth based online training academy, teaching cloud and engineering technical skills to companies worldwide. Engineers from companies like AWS, Rackspace, Media Temple, and MailChimp receive training from Linux Academy's full-featured training library of long and in-depth courses. Whether you're wanting to

EXOS Aerospace announced last month that they are committing to education. The company is working with partners to create school programs for grades K-12. These programs are using suborbital flight as part of a Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) curriculum. EXOS is

Michael Walsh is the CEO and founder of Cariloop, a Dallas startup that helps families walk through the many complex decisions and tasks associated with caring for an elderly loved one. He spoke last week at Dallas New Tech explaining Cariloop's vision

Dallas has been a hotbed of drone-related activity. We have been one of the best spots to build a drone company, and with limited regulations enacted by Texas and the Dallas/Fort Worth local companies, the drone community has continued to grow.

Mroads is the brainchild of Prakash Nallagatla, Rahul Kukreti, and Manohar Kesireddy. They came together to create Paññã, the worlds first A.I. platform or hiring technical employees.  Graduates from the University of Texas at Dallas' graduate school, the trio recognized the pain

Paul Roncal is the Marketing Manager for XClaim Mobile, a Dallas startup that focuses on helping large companies extend the life of their digital ads by 25 times. Paul spoke last week at Dallas New Tech. He was standing in for Founder and CEO Brian Maupin, who was

The Dallas Independent School District introduced the Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA) at an April 2015 school board meeting as their first Choice School.  The school opened to ninth graders for the 2015-2016 school year, and is excited to welcome

Going out with friends, or on a date, comes with some unique challenges if alcohol is going to be involved. There are limited options for ensuring no laws are broken and everyone arrives home safely.  With services like Uber and

Dallas has been ground zero for many dating products, from One & Only, which was acquired by, to, acquired by MatchNet, PLC, and now both known as is also headquartered in Dallas.  A new Dallas-based dating tool just

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Small Business Nation recently highlighted Social Ice Incorporated, a North Texas company offering wine-infused ice pops.  These adult-friendly ice pops come in four flavors: mimosa orange, strawberry daiquiri, sangria grape, and classic margarita. They are found in

With so many events taking place across the metroplex, it can be tough to determine what events are right or most convenient for you. We’ve pulled out some of the major startup events taking place across the North Texas region

Kubos is a startup in Denton, Texas that has developed an open source space flight software platform. They are currently working on uKub - a small device that will be fitted within the nose of a rocket in order to perform in-depth testing

Eric David at Dallas Innovates reported on QuakeCon this week. Thousands of gamers will flock to the Hilton Anatole in Dallas for the huge fan expo and gamer party that has been held annually since 1996. Local game studio id Software was the original organizer of the

Selery Fulfillment recently became the first company to reach level 4 in the Tech Wildcatters Gauntlet, Robert Brevelle announced last month on Twitter. Robert is the Managing Director and COO at Tech Wildcatters, which is a nationally ranked accelerator founded in

“Winner by audience participation” was how UT Dallas’ Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship pitch competition was decided at 1 Million Cups on Wednesday, August 3rd. All four presenting companies (Travabond, ConverseVR, ChoreMonstr, and Weiser) crushed their pitches, rocked their presence

Good afternoon Launch DFW readers - tonight we have a very special Dallas New Tech. It’s presented in cooperation with Tech.Co, Silicon Valley Bank, and The DEC. Tonight’s format is a modified New Tech. The teams will still have 5 minutes

Rob Garner and Steven Garner have both shared the same passion for cars for many years. Even though Steven isn't old enough to drive a car just yet, he still is pursuing his passion. This past weekend, he made one of

Andrew Sanderson is the new Director of Business Development for designVR, which has been operational since 2015, but will soon launch a more design driven platform and take on the challenges of the VR future. Based Irving, Texas, they will focus on bringing

A post on social media last week mentioned that 900lbs of Creative has partnered up with the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau to work on a virtual reality campaign for the city. Few details have been released about what this new

The Dirty Dunk was created in 1987 by Charlie McKinney. It quickly became a household favorite across the country, with sales totaling over $5 million within two years. Today, Charlie's son Marshall McKinney is ready to take on the expanding

With so many events taking place across the metroplex, it can be tough to determine what events are right or most convenient for you. We’ve pulled out some of the major startup events taking place across the North Texas region