Denton Startup Launches Into Orbit

Kubos, a startup in Denton, Texas developed an open source space flight software platform. They have become the first external customer of the University of North Texas Nanofabrication Cleanroom. The UNT clean-room has been operational since late 2014 and offers a variety tools that are used by UNT research groups from a variety of science and engineering backgrounds. Kubos is using the clean-room to test electronics for their upcoming uKub mission. This mission involves their first spacecraft, and will be a test flight for KubOS RT, a real-time environment that has been designed to run on satellite subsystems.

Marshall Culpepper, CEO of Kubos, explained in his blog earlier this year that they wanted to fill in a gap in the quickly changing satellite industry. Due to the high cost of existing software solutions, the differences in integration between vendors, and the difficulty of finding developers to handle the unique challenges of flight software, satellite developers face many challenges when working with new satellite companies. The goal of the KubOS software platform is to mitigate these challenges by providing an open source Real Time Operating System free of charge.

Just this year the company has had their software run on 3 low earth orbit missions. They have also raised $375k from investment from local Dallas angels. With this success so far, Kubos expects to become more ubiquitous in the satellite industry as they move forward.

Chastiny Lewis