Dallas Startup Makes Internet Security Better and Simpler

Stackpath, a Dallas based security-as-a-service startup, announced this week that it is emerging from stealth. It has $180 million in funding, along with 4 company acquisitions. These acquisitions bring over 30,000 customers with them- not bad for a service that hasn’t officially launched yet.

StackPath chair and CEO Lance Crosby was also the founder of SoftLayer Technologies, which was the largest privately held cloud computing infrastructure in the world when IBM acquired it for $2 billion in 2013.

“The StackPath platform is an integrated response to a fragmented problem created by too many individual, appliance-based, bolt-on security solutions. It’s time to give businesses internet services that have security built-in, not bolted on—so they can be reliable guardians of their most precious assets,” Lance said in a press release.

The “fragmented problem” he refers to is the fact that businesses often use multiple security solutions for different aspects of their security needs. The reason for this is often cost or simply the fact that the security solutions are not all-encompassing. Stackpath wants to streamline security for businesses by providing a comprehensive scaleable security platform that learns as it goes, and communicates within its different components.

With funding from ABRY Partners and others, Stackpath is sure to go far in its endeavor.  Especially with the services brought on by its acquisitions: MaxCDN, a content delivery network; Fireblade, a web application firewall provider; Staminus, an anti-DDos provider; and Cloak, a consumer VPN platform. This is a highly anticipated and exciting launch for a startup that’s right in our own backyard.

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