1 Million Cups 7/27/2016

Ever stepped outside of your eyes-on-phone bubble to think if someone really wanted to, they could pinpoint my location right now. Scary thought, right? You might be reading this right now on your phone, going somewhere, killing time from doing something, ignoring somebody… all the likely culprits. Chances are you’re not being super productive by reading this article. That doesn’t mean, stop! It means that you would have appreciated, from a “where does all of my time go?!” perspective, Workforce Alpha’s pitch at 1 Million Cups on Wednesday, July 27th.

Workforce Alpha, as presented by CEO John Sturdivant, is a data-driven management technology to help labor-intensive industries (think: blue-collar workers) be more productive. John comes from a management consulting background where he worked to make rapid improvements across oil and gas, mining, and manufacturing clients. The ideas that he brings to Workforce Alpha are not new (and neither is the technology), but it’s the application of the ideas paired with the technology that is novel.

Duh… wearables! ::facepalm:: When workers arrive in the morning they receive their device to track their movements throughout the day. (Special note: This is less “big brother” than it sounds.) The device, which has privacy settings that the employee can adjust, tracks the motions that they take, the things that they do, and the work that is produced. Workforce Alpha aggregates all of the employee-wearable data and creates a dashboard that makes answering the question, “how productive are your people?” a snap.

Though John is looking for marketing assistance from the community, the way that he frames Workforce Alpha to the frontline personnel, the managers, the business managers, and the overall organization is on-point. For the frontline staff it’s providing an avenue for self-improvement, and recognition for a job well done. He refers to it the way that an athlete does: “Game film.” (Brilliant.) For the manager, it’s a performance metric (alla a coach). For the business manager, the metrics facilitate better planning and budgeting, and of course, the business overall gets that magical “productivity” metric.

John started to go more nitty-gritty as his time was running out: the price per unit after implementation, how he has overcome tracking inside metal buildings, and if he intended on applying the technology to track equipment vs. people. Guess you’ll just have to give him a call to find out more.

Looking for more information? Reach out to Workforce Alpha directly. Interested in helping to market this Dallas-based startup? Reach out to John directly. Want to pitch your startup at 1 Million Cups? Contact the 1MC Community Organizers.

Image courtesy of @lab2venture. (Thank you!)

  • Debra has spent her career building, scaling, and managing operations in start-up organizations. Companies such as Inside Sports & Entertainment Group, SCVNGR/LevelUp, Visible Measures, and High Start Group have used Debra’s enterprising energy to facilitate their exponential growth.

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