Xclaim Mobile Raises $450K in Funding

Xclaim is led by Brian Maupin, who serves as CEO, and Joshua Ellinger, who serves as CTO. Xclaim delivers one-click integration of location-based advertising and push notifications into existing ad campaigns. Their solution is able to reach both prospects and customers without additional app development and downloads.

“Corporate Marketers are seeing declines in digital sales, while missing out on the rapid growth of Mobile,” says Maupin. “Digital Ads are broadly under-performing as the shift to Mobile has been quick and now exceeds Desktop. Mobile ad blockers, attribution models, and smaller screens further complicate their mobile aspirations. While Push Notifications and Location-Based Marketing are two of the most effective tools for mobile, App audience remains fragmented since consumers are selective about which [Apps] they install and keep.”

J.R. Garcia, the VP of Investments at Green Park and Golf Ventures, a healthcare focused venture capital firm in Dallas, led the largest investment in Xclaim Mobile.

He said, “Xclaim enables its customers to cut through the complexities of the mobile marketing channel to so they can focus more on content creation, and less on the logistics of content delivery. The team has done impressive work building this innovative solution based on their experience, passion and expertise that stands out in a large, growing market. GPG is excited about this investment in Xclaim Mobile, a company that has the potential to set the bar for the mobile marketing space.”

Xclaim Mobile’s software navigates the difficulties of different devices, locations, reporting, and channels. They coded an ad buy flow so that users could save deals to their mobile device. Afterwards, marketers have the ability to send location-based messages and schedule push notifications at the optimal time and place to that consumer.

Similar location-based providers deliver ads that are optimized by audience. In contrast, Xclaim’s software extends the ad’s lifetime by allowing the save-to-mobile opportunity. Xclaim is then the go-between for consumers and marketers, so they can stay in contact after the consumer saves the offer.

The learn more about Xclaim’s key product features, please click here.

Sophie Hatch