Ignite DFW: Tim Girgis – Dignity for All

Tim Girgis spoke on the topic, “Dignity for All.” Though spending most of his life in Dallas, he previously spent a year and a half working at non-profits focusing on community development and orphan care initiatives in Haiti. There, he learned that every person needs dignity regardless of their situation.

“I think that deep down, we all understand that as human beings we all possess a certain form of dignity. This is why we have such strong emotional reactions to injustice in the world.” Girgis said.

He explained that because of this, we often feel the need to act against injustices such as poverty or hunger. But in only understanding the symptoms of much bigger problems, well-meaning people only create more issues. For instance – when the U.S. sent over free clothing to Haiti, it gave them items they were fully capable of making themselves.

In Haiti, there are over 750 registered orphanages. About 80% of the children living in those orphanages aren’t actually orphans. Many families cannot provide for their children because the unemployment rate is around 60%, so work is hard to find.

Luckily, there are those that understand the big picture. One example was Fred’s Fish Farm, a friend of Girgis who created his own fish farm in Haiti, providing food and jobs for his community. He understood that the more people who had jobs, the more children would be out of orphanages.

Girgis the next time they saw an issue they were deeply moved by, take a step back. Find someone who is living through that issue, get to the root of the problem, and bring them along as part of the solution.

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Sophie Hatch