Ignite DFW: How Almost Going Blind Improved My Vision

Catherine Cuellar is one of 5 Dallas women who could be president, according to the Dallas Observer. She is a multimedia storyteller, a judge at the State Fair of Texas, and this week she spoke at Ignite DFW about how her personal experiences have shaped her focus in life.

After being rushed into emergency surgery some time ago, Catherine had to lie on her back for 8 days straight, only opening her eyes to focus on one spot on the ceiling, or risk losing her vision forever.

Some of the insights she gained during this agonizing wait are: Control is an illusion. Each person every morning gets to decide whether they’re going to be a pessimist, optimist, or a realist. And change is the only constant – learn to love it.

The recent attacks on the Dallas Police Department hit close to home for Catherine, a Dallas native.

“We must each balance our family, community, career and health with what our community needs right now, which is listening and seeking deeper understanding,” she said.

Her advice reaches across every area of life: focus every day on your highest priority, and let everything else go.