Ready, Set, Drone!

Drones have become a means to new advances, through not only delivering your second season of Game of Thrones, but photography, video and now an emerging sport. But, what other applications could it be used for?

Two Dallas-based companies are part of the Teal Drones product launch today.  Gossamer provided the mechanical engineering, Reliant is producing the plastic parts. The Teal Drone is a new concept in consumer drones that are tailored for use through programming with downloadable applications and high-speed maneuvering clocking between 70 – 85 mph (in the right conditions). Which makes this drone perfect for beginners and professionals want a little more kick for their buck.

Teal’s sleek design and sustainable body is weatherproof and comes with a heavy-duty battery for 10 or 20-minute flights. Plus it boasts a 4k camera built-in. With this many new tricks, the Teal drone is in direct competition with the current market for specialized drones. This creation was designed by the teenage CEO of Teal Drones Inc., George Matus who partnered with Gossamer and Reliant.

Packing the drone with a NVIDIA TX1 makes for a robust hardware. It means Teal is capable of handling artificial learning surroundings, autonomous flight, and image recognition.  Future application releases by Teal Drone Inc. could include security control, or even press media flights in large public events.

Reliant, a private aerospace plastics manufacturer, provided the custom plastics used in the assembly of the Teal drone. Their chosen method of plastic injection molding kept the drone as light and portable, ready for consumers to use at any time. The arms are interchangeable, and snap back in place, along with easy access to the battery casing to swap around for a longer flight.

While the Teal is currently at a market pricing of $1,299, we won’t be seeing this little guy till around December. However, pre-orders are currently open through August 15. Three apps will be available for download: Flight Control which allows for pre-programmed flight patterns or free flight control, Follow Me mode that directs the drone to track a subject, and Racing mode for those aerial daredevils out there.

Jazmine Martin