Ignite DFW: Why Do We Scare Ourselves?

Joseph Brewster, the CEO of a DFW design company as well as his own photography company, often speaks and mentors on the topics of productivity and life management. At Ignite DFW this week he asked the question: Why do we scare ourselves?

He explained that sane, rational people will pay good money to go to a haunted house, or a horror movie in order to feel afraid. The reason for this is that it makes us feel vulnerable and even primal. When fear takes over, we can’t help but take off the masks we usually wear, so it forces us to be authentic. We become fully engaged in the moment, with all of our senses activated, acutely aware of our surroundings and the desire to live. And in that moment, we feel alive.

“That’s something that home life doesn’t do for us sometimes…unless you have a three-year-old, or you have a start-up company, or God help you if you have both,” Joseph said.

Perhaps this speaks to the kind of people who are driving the DFW startup community. It’s not that entrepreneurs aren’t afraid of things beyond their control, but that they are the kind of people who are willing to be afraid in order to feel alive.

Chastiny Lewis