Ignite DFW: Pedaling Towards Changing a Life

There was no short of interesting speakers at this year’s Ignite Dallas, at the Texas Theater in Oak Cliff. One speaker Brian Hasenbauer shared his life changing story through his passion for biking. Hasenbauer stayed away from the spandex imagery as much as possible as he described how biking became a life saving act. His story wasn’t about bike lanes saving communities from transportation woes, or a devotion to biking as a solution to everyone’s unhappiness either. He simply set the stage for everyone to find their own version of biking. He spoke to set them on the path to a passionate follow through in your own daily life. Hasenbauer explained a childhood memory with cycling, and how revisiting that simple pleasure can bring back new fortitude in moving away from the things that can weigh us down in our adult life.

With biking setting a new pace in his life, Hasenbauer quit his day job. He then made passionate pursuit of not just a job, but for the thing that gets him up in the morning. His pedaling passion took him to finishing in the top 25 of the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon in 2003. After the Ironman success a back injury would soon send him into a depression, that only the Triple Bypass would rectify. No, not the open heart surgery kind, but instead a bike ride that travels up and over three mountain passes for 120 miles in Colorado every year. That ride along with a healthy amount of dopamine, a naturally occurring chemical in the human body that drives us to complete our goals, brought him back again to the passionate life he knew before on two wheels.

Hasenbauer knows his story isn’t about how just biking saves lives. His story is about how finding passionate pursuits are the life changing action anyone can partake in. Brian found his and recommends everyone find their passion and when one runs out start the next one.

William Addington