Ignite DFW: Justin Nygren Presents on Social Enterprise

Justin Nygren presented on the state of social enterprise in north Texas. He who is Co-Owner and Relational Architect of The Grove in Dallas, which is a coworking space for small to medium-sized businesses, social innovators/entrepreneurs, and creative freelancers. They provide technical amenities as well as an inspiring environment for networking and collaboration.

In 2009, Nygren explained that he was laid off, and it made him think. “Do I want to go back to working for someone, or start my own business that I’m passionate about?”

A few years later in 2013, he founded The Grove. At that time, there wasn’t a place for those focused on social enterprise to connect. So Nygren fulfilled this need by creating The Grove, so that people could collaborate, network, and share ideas.

Nygren explained that on a global scale, we are in a historic time for social enterprise. Currently, we are having the world’s largest wealth transfer in economic history. Thirty trillion dollars are being placed in millennials hands as the older generation dwindles down.

On a north Texas scale, Nygren discussed several businesses that each make a social impact with purchase or use of their products. One example was Tango Tab, which provides a meal to a local person in need each time you use their app and dine out.

He noted that for anyone interested in social enterprise, he highly recommended the Social Enterprise Alliance. They provide education, meetups, and knowledge resources on their website.

To view the entire presentation, please click here.

Sophie Hatch