Ignite DFW: Dyslexics Are Hardwired for Success

Tiffany Sunday is a Futurist, Strategist, Entrepreneur, the founder of Dillon 5, and the author of two books. (Soon to be three at the end of this year). She spoke this week at Ignite DFW about how individuals with dyslexia are hardwired for entrepreneurship.

Tiffany quoted a study that showed 35% of business owners are dyslexic. These individuals tend to accelerate companies faster, be gifted delegators, and often own multiple companies. MRI studies show that the brains of these individuals are wired differently. This means they have to start thinking like entrepreneurs early on, just to process language and spell correctly. They develop tenacity, grit and perseverance, which are by far the most prized traits of entrepreneurship.

For teens in school struggling with dyslexia, Tiffany encouraged them to focus on their strengths: creativity, abstract problem solving, innovation, and the ability to connect dots that others cannot see.

There is no doubt that the dyslexic teens of yesterday have become a huge part of the thriving DFW startup community today. With successful role models like Tiffany to cheer them on, we can expect that dyslexic teens of today will lead us to an exciting future.

Chastiny Lewis