Ignite DFW: Cornbread Hustle

Cheri Garcia, inventor of the Luminous Envy tanning bed, and PR worker for Mark Cuban companies, talked at Ignite DFW this week about Cornbread Hustle, a staffing agency she founded to help convicted felons and former drug addicts find jobs.

Cheri explained that entrepreneurs often get into trouble before becoming successful, because they naturally don’t follow the rules. Within 3 years of release, however 67% of inmates end up back in prison. Which Cheri said is a result of not finding a job they can be passionate about.

The company’s mission is close to her heart. She became a drug dealer at age 17 and was arrested 11 times, although she never had to serve time. Being around Mark Cuban and others like him has been the inspiration that kept her clean, and moved her toward entrepreneurship.

Stories like Cheri are what make the DFW startup community so rich. No matter the company or the field, each startup has a story and a passion to share with the community. They inspire others to do what they love and turn their failures into success.

To watch the video, click here.

Chastiny Lewis