Ignite DFW: Confessions of a Serial Hobbyist

Emily Tate is the Product Manager for Tripcase, a trip management app. She is a veteran of the travel industry, starting out managing software solutions for airlines, before taking her experience to the traveler’s side of things. She spoke this week at Ignite DFW on the critical importance of hobbies.

She began by calling herself a “serial hobbyist” and listed her interests in cooking, photography, piano, running, quilting,  and public speaking. The label of “serial hobbyist” is not about how many hobbies a person has, but rather the depth at which they attack these hobbies. She explained that serial hobbyists throw themselves into whatever their current hobby is and try to become experts in that field.

Although most hobbies won’t turn into lifelong passions, Emily advised that hobbies are vitally important to life. They expand our horizons, enable us to meet more people, and help us learn how to solve problems in a different way. (Sometimes even problems we didn’t know we had!) The popular idea that work should be the center of everything, and the core of who we are, has only managed to produce a society of stressed-out and unfulfilled people.

Emily’s solution? Find one hobby. Even if you don’t take it to the level of a serial hobbyist, it will help you get out of your comfort zone, refresh your soul, and reinvigorate your work.

And who knows? Your new hobby may just become the next big thing in the startup community.

Watch her presentation here.

Chastiny Lewis