Taylor Ready – Engineering Social Change

Taylor Ready is the Director of Digital Marketing and Sales at Symbology Clothing. Symbology is an ethical clothing company that combines handmade artisan textiles with current fashionable designs to create apparel and accessories with a global connection. Ready is passionate about social change and presented over this topic at Ignite DFW’s Level Up Impact.

Ready challenged the startup community to stop trying to solve problems for simple challenges. For instance – millennials don’t need another way to connect after they have Tinder and now Pokemon Go. Why focus on something so trivial?

As she previously worked for the Peace Corps in Paraguay – Ready’s fresh approach in tying startups to global problems was a breath of fresh air.

“I’m here to challenge you because those swollen bellies do not convince people to make change. If it did, it would’ve worked already. Instead, I’m here to prey on your ego a little bit, because if you’re going to call yourself an innovator or entrepreneur, then honestly, we have to level up our game.”

Ready explained that tackling global challenges not only helps the world – but is also profitable. Even though issues of global warming and poverty can seem overwhelming, she explained it’s simply a frame of mind that needs to change to tackle the task.

She took the issue of poverty as an example.

“What if we looked at these communities as assets instead of liabilities? With a good slack channel and some web applications, you can turn any internet cafe that peppers the developing world into a remote work station.”

People living in poverty-stricken areas could easily logon to the computers and complete tasks, thus earning wages for their family.

Many entrepreneurs are looking at these global challenges as the next frontier of innovation. Ready explained that when Elon Musk confronted the issues around pollution and corruption surrounding the petroleum economy, he didn’t attack Exxon Mobil. Instead, he created Tesla Motors and in the process was generously rewarded.

Ready put it simply, “We have the ability to create a more just, prosperous, and open future for everyone, but it’s going to take all hands on deck.”

To view Ready’s inspiring speech, please click here.

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