NōD Coworking Expands its Dallas Building

NōD Co-working, (pronounced “node”) was founded by Chirag Gupta, and is based at 17290 Preston Road in Dallas. They will be expanding by an additional 7,500 square feet at their current location, where they occupy three floors.

The expansion will include eight new private offices on the second floor, which will be designed for startups with teams of 2-5 people. A 3,000 square foot tech-enabled classroom for educational workshops and classes will be added on the first floor.

Beginning in September, a classroom on the 1st floor will become the official Dallas campus for Austin Coding Academy, which helps non-technical people transition into the technology industry. They will be offering part-time full stack web development courses for beginners and intermediate programmers. Course offerings will include: HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, and Backbone.js. If you would like to register for any of these courses, registration is open online here.

The ACA classroom will also be used for various developer meetups including DallasPHP, Women Who Code, and Code Collective.

NōD Co-working is a co-working space, i.e. a space that is shared by many types of employees working for different employers. The benefits to these spaces are that ideas and topics are often shared and discussed. At NōD Co-working, employees who use the space include software developers, digital marketers, graphic designers, and technology startups.

NōD Co-working also hosts many events at their location to support their startups. This includes Startup Weekend, CoFounders Lab, NoDCon, LaunchDFW’s Tech Startup Happy Hour, and Front Porch Conference.

CEO and founder, Chirag Gupta is a Dallas native who went to Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. When he returned to Dallas, he founded NōD Co-working.  He says here he spends time with investors, engineers, designers, developers, artists, and growth hackers. He welcomes those to schedule a tour of his co-working space, and for those interested, they can click  here to book a tour or have a 2 hour consultation call with him.


Sophie Hatch