Virtual West End Leads The Way To A Smarter Dallas

While many may think that virtual reality is only something for gamers, it is used for much more. The Dallas Innovation Alliance, in partnership with Oak Cliff based 900lbs of Creative, are using the technology to show their vision for the West End. The VR world they have created is part of a larger goal for the DIA to help Dallas realize its goal to become a Smart-city. Their vision plans to improve the quality of life for all Dallas residents.

Don’t expect flying cars and jet-packs in this virtual world, though. This is about bringing technology to the city around us. This technology can be installed sooner rather than later, and sometimes in less than obvious ways. Connected infrastructure is the heart of this vision. Trash cans that tell the city they are full, and streetlights that contain an array of sensors (including some that monitor air quality), are just two of the suggested technologies to integrate. All these contribute valuable data for improving the quality of life around parts of the city.

The DIA will be making their virtual reality vision of the West End available at their future events for the public to experience. The DIA hopes to have some of the tech featured in the VR vision they created, in place in the West End by the end of 2016.

William Addington