Pecan Lodge Barbecue Delivered by Drones – Don’t Miss the Special Event

Pecan Lodge, where the BBQ pit burns 24 hours a day.

This Wednesday, the Pecan Lodge will be on UberEats’ menu. UberEats is an on-demand delivery service, offering a list of lunch items available from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. through their Instant Delivery Menu. The Wednesday lunch item will be a brisket sandwich with a side of mac and cheese.

This menu item will available to the first 300 people who order, costing $12 each. Each of these orders will receive two tickets to a special event with drinks, music, and – drones?

That’s right, the food will be arriving from the sky at a surprise location in Dallas at 6 p.m., this Thursday, UberEats spokeswoman Debbee Hancock said.

UberEats is partnering with Dialexa, a Dallas tech company that builds software and hardware including drones, to host the special event. Founded in 2010 by Scott Harper and Mark Haidar, Dialexa has worked with venture-backed startups, Fortune 500 companies, and launched two Dallas startups: Vinli and Robin.

Doug Platts, Dialexa’s vice president of marketing, said the party will be a fun way to show off the drones. He believes that drones will shape the future of companies.

“We’re always exploring emerging technology and looking into the future to see ‘What could this technology be used for? What are its current limitations and how can we test those barriers and boundaries?'” Platts said. “It’s [drone technology] going to be something that becomes a part of everyday business for many companies.”

To Summarize:

1. Download and open the UberEats app.

2. Order Pecan Lodge on the “Instant” menu between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Wednesday.

3. All meals will include a ticket to the private party. Uber will follow-up with instructions.

4. On Thursday, an Uber driver will pick up eaters and their plus-ones and take them to the secret location for food, drinks, and drones.

After the 300 claim their orders, people can still win tickets by tagging @UberEATS and @Uber_DFW on Twitter and share why they should be an “UberEATS VIP,” Hancock said.

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  • Jorge Herrera

    it was a total cluster crap show. Poor execution to say the least.

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