Dallas Companies See Bright Future after Pokemon Go’s Success

Pokemon GoNintendo’s first mobile “AR” or augmented reality game, was only released a week ago and has taken the U.S. by storm. AR refers to the placement of a superimposed digital image over the real-world environment. So for Pokemon Go, you could find Picachu hanging out in your living room.

The Pokemon Go app has more daily users than Twitter, and more engagement than Facebook. Two days after it’s release, Pokemon Go was installed on 5% of all android devices, compared to Tinder’s 2%. Due to its huge success, many companies in Dallas are taking note.

Kevin Hart, (no, not the comedian), founder and CEO of Dallas-based Aireal, has big plans for the future of AR.

“What we’re really excited about, and what we’ve preached for several years now that the future of augmented reality has in store, is that we want to use your device as an enabler of new experiences in your existing environment as opposed to a distraction,” Hart told the Dallas Business Journal. “And so by having people explore their existing environment and use their mobile device to do that, that’s one of the major behavior changes that we needed to be worked on in order for our company to be successful.”

Aireal’s main focus is on geospatial AR, which allows the user to walk around the digitally projected image. Their SOLAR app launched in March, which allows users to explore the solar system in their existing environment. In June, they partnered with the Discovery Channel to bring the infamous Shark Week to life through “Shark N’ Awe”, a part of the Discovery VR app.

“We patented the ability to sell volumetric digital real estate,” Hart said. “It’s like the domain name of the real world. Eventually we’re going to have on our platform where you can buy this volumetric air space to place your own content within it for others to experience. The cool thing about that is it can be like an environmental internet. Instead of typing in a request and searching for something, you’re actually exploring your environment, getting up and being active just like Pokemon Go, but you’re exploring your environment for rewarding experiences and it’s constantly disrupting the pattern of the environment that you’re already familiar with.”

Steve Deitz, CEO and creative director of Dallas-based advertising agency 900lbs of Creative, has also noted the future potential of AR technology.

“It’s an exciting time and it’s a challenging time as we all try to embrace emerging technology and organizations are trying to apply it in different and unique ways and I think we’ve got to give a thumbs up to Nintendo for just making a really loud noise,” Deitz said. “It’s amazing.”

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