Why Your Business Should be in DFW

Texas, the second largest state, in the heart of the south holds the Dallas-Fort Worth metro. Where Fort Worth holds the history of the old south, and Dallas contains a hub of city-slickers, this area is where companies should not only start their business, grow their business, but even relocate their business! Toyota, Kubota, and Jamba Juice are already moving their headquarters here – but why did they choose DFW?

Well, these businesses obviously did their research. Here are a few statistics:

  •    Texas ranked as the “best state for business” for the 11th year in a row by CEO Magazine
  •  According to Forbes, the DFW metro is the 3rd best city for jobs in the U.S.
  •  The DFW metro is the 4th best city to work in tech according to Smartasset.com
  •   The DFW metro has the 4th largest population in the U.S. – with over seven million people!
  •   Fortune 500 stated that the DFW metro has 21 corporate headquarters – including American Airlines and Southwest Airlines

Even the White House has taken note of Dallas, choosing the city to participate in a new “Smart Cities” Initiative. This initiative seeks to help communities take on local challenges and improve city service. This launched the Dallas Innovation Alliance, which is a public-private partnership that will design and execute the “smart cities” plan for Dallas.

But what about startup companies? Could they possibly succeed in the DFW area? Let’s take a look at startup support:

  •  There were 16 new investment funds for 2015, bringing the total to 55 funds including private equity growth, venture capital, and angel groups
  •  24 co-working locations – which are basically shared, communal work-spaces including groups of freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals
  •  12 Media Outlets
  •  10 Chambers of Commerce

    Texas also has no State and Local income tax, house prices are 24% less than the national average, and in Dallas there are two major airports: DFW International Airport and Dallas Love Field Airport. From these airports, you can choose from 57 international flight routes or 134 domestic flight routes. I’ll take my direct flight next week to Jamaica, please.

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Sophie Hatch