Nationwide Techweek Conference Expands to Dallas

Techweek, a well-known nationwide technology conference, had added Dallas, Texas to their 2016 conference venue! Techweek was founded five years ago in Chicago, and after seeing the demand to support its entrepreneurial community, they decided to expand their conference venues. The 2016 lineup has expanded to include seven major U.S. cities including New York and Los Angeles, and of course, Dallas.

“Not only is it home to numerous Fortune 500 companies, but there’s a thriving startup ecosystem and we’ve seen the investment level rising,” Techweek CEO Amanda Signorelli, explained about the conference coming to Dallas.
Techweek is expecting a crowd of 5,000 to 6,000 to attend the Dallas Conference. Previous conferences have attracted thousands,  their audience serves an entire ecosystem including highly esteemed CEO s, entrepreneurs, and corporate employees.
TechWeek will be held on October 31st through November 6th and tickets will go on sale in a month or less, according to Signorelli. Many events will be free to attend, however lecture tickets start at $75. During TechWeek, events will be located around 30 or so venues spread around Dallas. The majority will be held at The Bomb Factory, which is a 50,000 square foot venue in Deep Ellum, an area of arts and entertainment venues in downtown Dallas.
Michael Pratt, president and founder of Digital Dallas, an organization that aims to foster a deeper Dallas technology community, said the city needs this type of event.

“My reaction was like, ‘Finally,'” Pratt said. “When a big conference like TechWeek comes, it’s a big deal. I kind of don’t want to have a South by Southwest here, I think that’d be just a zoo. But TechWeek’s a legit conference.”


Digital Dallas was already planning a music technology event in the fall when Techweek contacted them. They asked to have their pre-planned event be a part of Techweek, and Digital Dallas said yes.


Capital One> will be the presenting sponsor of Techweek in Dallas, and had previously been involved with Techweek in Chicago.

“We feel that technology and the digital capabilities that are being created right now both in the software and on the hardware side are creating some creative opportunities for businesses to transform themselves,” said Sanjiv Yajnik, president of Capital One Financial Services and head of its Plano campus.

For Techweek’s Dallas content, Signorelli said that Techweek will research market trends and investment levels to determine what topics to cover. As Chicago is the beacon for Techweek, and been running for five years, their conferences sell between 12,000 to 15,000 tickets. Signorelli forecasts that in five years, Dallas could become one of their top-selling venues.



Sophie Hatch