Nancy J. Hong Joins TWU’s Center for Women in Business

As of July 11th, Nancy J. Hong became the director of student programs at Texas Women’s University‘s center for women in business, a.k.a “TWU’s Hub.” The Hub seeks to help women succeed in creating and running their own businesses. Hong will be working alongside Tina Mims, the executive director of the Hub program, who is thrilled to welcome Hong to TWU.

“In today’s world, it’s either make a job for yourself, or find a job — and we believe Nancy will ignite the best in our talented students and help us achieve the Governor’s goal of making Texas no. 1 for women-owned businesses,” Mims said.

Hong has worked at UNT and the University of Texas at Dallas for the past thirteen years to pursue her lifetime goal of creating over 100,000 jobs. Her passion is for educational startups including the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, and education. She has been a major contributor to the local startup ecosystem, and helped many students prepare for business competitions similar to “Shark Tank®,” a competition where judges decide if they will invest in entrepreneur’s different business, inventions, or ideas.

At the UT Dallas, Hong worked as the Assistant Director for the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. There, she headed several educational and community outreach programs. At UNT, Hong was the Co-Founder and Executive Director for the educational startup called the UNT Innovation Greenhouse, a place where students learned to create new business ideas, collaborate with other students, and practice their entrepreneurial skills.

“Hong has worked directly with student entrepreneurs in a wide variety of disciplines, which she will continue to do here at TWU, by mentoring them on business start-ups, from generating, growing, launching and, when a fit exists, funding ideas for patents or starting new enterprises,” Mims added.

At TWU, Hong will continue to use her experience and expertise to prepare and advise students at TWU’s three campuses in their regional, statewide and national competitions.

Sophie Hatch