Statimgram Fills a Void for Instagram Users

Roberto Inetti is a Dallas-based professional photographer turned developer. Inetti is introducing Statimgram, a program that allows the scheduling of Instagram photos.  The idea of Statimgram came while Inetti was working on another project of his,, an online community for the modeling industry.

“I was looking for feedback [on], and one of the photographers I was interviewing gave me the idea to try to connect Instagram with, and that’s how I started working on Statimgram” Inetti said, when asked about what inspired him to create Statimgram.

The idea behind Statimgram is simple. With more than a half billion active users on Instagram, Statimgram is filling a void for users. It works by allowing them to post images on their own time.  Statimgram lets users worry about their content, not the post itself. It is an easy way to manage multiple Instagram accounts. It also offers the ability to upload images, crop, add filters or text, and rotate images before they are then uploaded to Instagram.  Then, once the image or images are complete, you schedule the day and time for them to be uploaded.  You can choose either to post immediately, or a set time in the future.  This tool is perfect when planning ad campaigns by allowing flexibility and multiple users to upload and schedule.

Perhaps just as interesting as Statimgram, is the process that Inetti embraced with its’ release.  By utilizing Dallas-based startup community Slack, Inetti was able to obtain feedback.  Inetti explained that Slack was just one tool he utilized in order to validate his ideas. He credited the Dallas startup community with their interest in his product.

“Being part of the Dallas startup scene is amazing because I can learn from other entrepreneurs.  Slack makes it easier,” Said Inetti, noting that in the first hour of offering the beta version of Statimgram there were more than ten offers to test the software.

To Inetti the response and support of the DFW startup community leaves him feeling very grateful.  He recognizes that everyone is busy with their own things, but are always ready and willing to make time to try new ideas, listen to pitches, and do warm intros.  Inetti is pleased to share that someone even offered him a domain name entirely free. It is the unique quality of our community that fosters this sharing.  Slack has been useful in creating not just the ability for him to get immediate feedback from those using the service, but also to cultivate collaboration to make Statimgram even better.


Harmony Tapper