Dave Copps Speaks on Brainspace at MIT’s EmTech Conference

Within the realm of big data, a technology shift is happening to procure new ways of discovering & understanding large amounts of information. At the forefront of this shift is Dallas’ very own, Brainspace, to tackle the movement.

Dave Copps, CEO & Founder of Brainspace gave a talk on Augmented Intelligence at the EmTech Conference. The EmTech Conference is held annually by the Massachusetts Institute for Technology. MIT examines the newest technologies forming in the digital economy, and how they impact enterprise.

“[The current AI climate] is a synthesis of machine learning and human curation connected by a meaningful user experience (UX) has the potential to completely reshape analytics and discovery in the enterprise,” said Copps.

Copps spoke about the mystifying conundrum felt by most knowledge workers.

“I’ve got lots of data [but] I have no idea what I have,” said Copps.

That is where Brainspace offers a means to an end. As reported by the MIT Technology Review,

“Brainspace can create enhanced semantic queries from a single term, a sentence, a paragraph, or even an entire document,” said Copps.

Once Brainspace completes its review of the unstructured data, then human analysts can dive into the simpler yet meaningful forms of what the data holds. Brainspace is expediting the discovery process, man-hours are greatly reduced and review costs are subsequently lowered.

Gracing the pages of the MIT Technology Review is an exciting stepping stone for the Dallas startup. As part of the DFW startup community, Brainspace’s role in the evolution of artificial intelligence paves the way for a greater technological wave in the city.

As noted in his Dallas Morning News interview, Copps envisions Brainspace to be a billion dollar venture.  Considering the company’s progressive direction and growth, it’s not much of a leap to count on that happening.


Chantalle Palomo