$6,000 Up For Grabs in Fort Worth Bizplan Competition


What could you do with a spare $6,000 dollars in your bank account? You could probably think of a million things to spend the additional cash on, so what we’re about to reveal might be of interest to you.

Forth Worth’s Business Assistance Center (BAC) has just extended their application deadline. Its illustrious sixth annual Business Plan Competition (BPC) is accepting twenty-five lucky biz-plan entrants until Monday, July 11th. For those of you who’ve considered entering before but thought you may have missed the cull, you now have an extra week to cross those t’s and dot those i’s. Basically, another chance to cut the mustard.
Fort Worth Business Plan Competition 2


The BAC’s stated aims include helping small businesses improve their competitive footprint and overall bottom line. In a series of progressive elimination rounds — culminating in the Finals Round on Thursday, October 27th, 2016 at Texas Christian University, in the mother of all BPCs — several enthused competitors will be subjected to a battery of critical analyses, coaching, hand-holding, and various content refinements.  Then finally, a motley trio of winners go toe-to-toe for first, second, and third place winnings of either $6k, $4k, or $2k on that date. Organizers remind us that no prior business plan is needed to apply to compete. Top prize winners also benefit from a grab-bag of coaching, consulting, and membership freebies. In the case of one benefit, an overall value of $10,000! Check the website out for the additional slew of upsides which accrue to the various categories of winners.

Accepted contestants are required to attend all four summer training sessions (dates here, commencing July 21st), and two mandatory hours of BPC consulting with the BAC, or one of their affiliated partners. Three finalists will be notified Oct. 6th and three weeks later will present for their awards.

Eligibility for the BPC hinges in being a DBA and resident in Tarrant County, with annual revenue of no more than half a million dollars. Fort Worth employees and prior BPC winners are ineligible at this time and all entrants will be asked to verify their eligibility upon acceptance by a judged panel.

The current deadline extension must be accompanied by a $50 non-refundable application deposit. Applications can be submitted online or paid by check.

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