UT Dallas Flourishes and Fosters the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Dallas

A couple of months ago, UT Dallas received viral buzz on the web-sourcing site Reddit after being ranked the third best public university in Texas by U.S. News and World Report. The user-submitted article was originally published by The Texas Tribune. The Texas Tribune reported that just a quarter century after it first began admitting freshmen,the University of Texas at Dallas has perhaps made more progress in less time than any school in Texas.

UT Dallas is currently ranked third, behind UT Austin and Texas A&M University. Their incoming freshmen’s ACT scores regularly equal and even surpass those at the top schools. Their freshmen earn more, on average, within a decade than those enrolled in prominent private schools like Baylor and TCU.

A state university with the feel of a private school, UT Dallas is located in the Dallas suburbs near the headquarters of major technology and Fortune 500 companies. The school started small, with high quality students, and focused on engineering and business. According to their site, “The University continues its original commitment to providing some of the state’s most-lauded science and engineering programs, and has also gained prominence for a breadth of educational paths, from criminology to biomedical engineering to arts and technology. The wealth of learning resources available to UT Dallas students is the result of a concentrated effort to attract the top minds on both ends of the classroom relationship.”

The stated mission of their Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is “to utilize education, training, mentorship, and resources to support students, faculty, and staff in the launch of new businesses.”

“The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is leading the way in supporting students and faculty with entrepreneurial training and resources,” said Executive Director Jeremy Vickers. Vickers was co-founder of the Entrepreneurship Club, which is dedicated to fostering and growing the entrepreneurial spirit at UT Dallas. The E-Club is where like-minded students connect together and to the Dallas start-up scene, and is pivotal in shaping the long-term successes of many students at UT Dallas.

The product of UT Dallas’s focus on business and entrepreneurship is seen in the successes of their students and graduates, who have founded such companies as Ilumi, EverThread, and Rollout, Inc.

Shannon McConnell