ViXR Bridges the Gap between Print & Digital

Given the many ways technology has influenced our consciousness, we tend to have shorter attention spans and higher expectations of entertainment. Tech normally keeps up pretty well, but the change has affected how effective advertiser’s campaigns are. In short, brands have to do more to keep us happy.

The press has learned to adapt.  In May 2014, Brian Carovillano of the Associated Press told its reporters to make their stories “more comprehensive” and “tightly written.” This explains why most of their blog posts are now only about 300 to 500 words.

Anyone looking to capture an audience knows about this trend, especially advertisers and marketers. Yet, knowing how to navigate consumer’s ever-evolving demand for highly interactive content can be tricky.

Hence, the creation of local Dallas startup, ViXR.

ViXR is a mobile app that transcends the limitations of print and digital by fusing the two through innovative responsiveness. Brands now have a way to increase engagement and interaction with their consumer base without forgoing print or digital. To ensure the ideal level of engagement, ViXR also offers brands access to back-end analytics to “truly understand their audience.”

The fledgling startup’s mantra is pretty straightforward: “To connect consumers to brands like never before, using visually interactive technologies to deliver immersive experiences.”

As a user, you simply take a picture of a product’s logo and ViXR unlocks a mini-world of relevant and entertaining plug-ins. These include hidden features such as exclusive previews, special deals and social sharing.

Changing the way technology influences advertising and marketing is no small task. However, the team has made some incredible headway with developing their client base, which include heavy hitters such as Infiniti and Pizza Hut.

You can download ViXR for free here.

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