Sensori Games Reveals The Future in Mobile 3D Gaming

An attack from the skies, a paralyzed population, massive robots attacking Dallas, Chicago, and San Francisco; Department of Defense drones zooming over and between buildings to fight robots and neutralize a mothership! Along the way, secrets are revealed about the attackers…

It sounds like a Hollywood blockbuster, but it’s the future in mobile gaming from Sensori Games. Welcome to what may be the world’s first mobile game to allow game play in virtual copies of real cities: City Salvation: Drone Wars.

Available in the Apple App Store, City Salvation: Drone Wars offers innovative game-play in real 3D cities. There are levels to defeat, opportunities for upgrades (including in-app purchasable upgrades),tilt-sensitive controls, and the ability to take and send photos to your friends from inside the 3D cities.

“A complete digital model of the world outside is inevitable. You just have to look at Google Maps with Street view to see it has already begun. What’s coming are higher fidelity models that can be used in business, city planning and communication which includes social apps like Facebook, tourism and initially games. We are proud to release the first mobile games to use 3D models of real cities like San Francisco and Chicago,” said Sensori Games founder and CEO, Ross Melbourne.

Melbourne is a serial entrepreneur, whose career has covered micros, mainframes, PC and now mobile. He ran an enterprise Human Resources software company for 18 years with his wife and co-founder Lois Melbourne, before he decided to explore the potential in marketing virtual reality. He and his team at Sensori Games believes this is the beginning of an emerging trend towards 3D digitization of the physical world.

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