Building a Startup? Here Are 5 Things You Need Now.

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Building a startup is hard work, no doubt, but avoiding common pitfalls can increase the chances for success. If you’re new to this, or even if you’ve been at it for decades, take a look at some of these incredible resources – they’ll save you both time and money. What could be better on the way to sustainable, repeatable revenue?

  1. The Startup Owner’s Manual – written by Steve Blank and Bob Dorf. This will save you a couple of years by teaching you how to make sure you’re building something people actually want. It’s called Customer Development, and if you’re not doing it – you are, as they say, doing it wrong. Unless you’re the one (or .05%) building that one thing that’s so amazingly new that no one will know they want it, then keep doing what you’re doing.
  2. The Business Model Canvas – there are a lot of ways to map your spanking new startup’s value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances. Well, there are now anyway. Go through this process to understand how tweaking different aspects of your business will generate the desired results.
  3. This is actually a guy. Named Justin Wilcox. Just binge watch Justin’s video series and the value will seep into every pore. He walks you through the customer development process and leaves no stone unturned. His teaching style is very casual, and entertaining.
  4. Podcasts! If learning from others and hearing stories of horror and success motivate you, here are two podcasts you must listen to: Mixergy and Stanford’s eCorner.
  5. The DFW Startup Community Slack. If you aren’t on Slack yet, this is the PERFECT time to join one. There are more than 400 (yes, four hundred) community members there. There are about a dozen investors, and hundreds of founders, marketers, developers, representing every corner of Dallas/Fort Worth, including Denton, McKinney, and Frisco. This is your network.

Photo credit: Ryan and Sarah Deeds

Michael Sitarzewski

Michael Sitarzewski is the Publisher of Launch DFW, co-founder and CEO of Epic Playground, Inc., makers of inboundgeo. He is a veteran entrepreneur (and a TechStars Cloud alum) with a specific focus on Web-based software and services. Sitarzewski has been a part of the internet startup culture since 1994 and has had two exits along the way. After a seven years in the Boulder, Colorado startup community, Michael returned to Dallas, Texas, in 2013 where he’s focused on growing and increasing the visibility of the burgeoning Dallas startup community. He is the EIR at The DEC, a mentor in the RevTech accelerator, and leads several events in the Dallas area. Sitarzewski considers helping people understand and leverage technology his life's work.