Samus Chat Brings Conversational Commerce to Dallas

It is impossible to deny that how people communicate is something that is constantly changing with the times.  From handwritten correspondence, to the telephone, to e-mail, and now to texting, communication is constantly evolving.  Now, conversational commerce is starting to find its American audience, and Samus Chat, based out of Dallas, is leading the way.

Along with the move to text messaging as a communication tool, The Wall Street Journal’s Deepa Seetharaman and WeChat in China was introduced as an app that could be used to send free text messages and has evolved into a tool that can send money to friends, make purchases, and book appointments.

In the United States, Facebook has started to push its users into downloading and utilizing their Messenger app, which is beginning to introduce commerce; allowing users to send gifts or money to others, order a pizza or Burger King, or calling for an Uber.  But even Facebook is extremely new to the conversational commerce that their chatbots offer. But it is Samus Chat, not Facebook Messenger, that has been designed especially for conversational commerce.

The user can ask Samus anything, and while currently only available in Dallas, the opportunity for expansion outside of this region is huge.  Not sure what to eat?  Samus can act as a food consultant.  Need to book travel or reserve an Uber?  Samus is ready and willing to help you get to where it is you want to, or need to, go.  Through Samus you can order alcohol delivery, sell goods that are sitting around your house, get information about what is happening in Dallas, and even get help with shopping or placing an order for dinner.

Currently, Samus is only available for the iOS platform, and is only in the Dallas area, but co-founders Gianni Secchi, Christopher Hemsworth, and Mathew Varghese have created an intuitive app that is user-friendly and does not require the same amount of labor and effort as Facebook Messenger’s chatbots.


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