PediaQ Announces $4.5M in Funding to Expand On-Demand Urgent Care Services

PediaQ is hoping to change the face of pediatric medicine, by offering on-demand urgent care to parents through a mobile app platform. With insurance companies embracing the services provided by PediaQ, parents only pay their Urgent Care co-pay plus an additional $25 convenience fee.  For patients without insurance PediaQ is an affordable option, with a standard visit costing $150 plus additional fees.

This month PediaQ announced the company raised $4.5 million through private Texas-based investors. The funds are to be earmarked for expanding the company’s services to the Austin market.  Along with targeting Austin, this funding will be used to expand the services offered by PediaQ in the Dallas/Fort Worth markets, as well as introduce this service to the markets on the East and West coasts.

Along with offering on-demand in-person service, PediaQ introduced video consultations and the health systems platform offering greater access to patients through mobile applications.  These services, and others in PediaQ’s pipeline are meeting the needs of society today.  Now Healthcare is more accessible than ever, thanks to technology and the increase in access to health insurance coverage.

“PediaQ was developed as a function of change in our culture towards on-demand services.  To see the response within the Dallas & Houston markets is phenomenal.  We are thrilled to be able to further execute our strategy through this funding.  The platform is designed to afford the expansion of services in various directions,”


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