Artificial Intelligence is Here, and Her Name is Ashley

Artificial intelligence is coming, and in Dallas, her name is Ashley would like to help you set your appointments.  Ashley is your personal scheduling assistant, and she makes it possible for you to never have to schedule meetings again. All you need to do is CC Ashley and she takes care of the rest.

Ashley has infinite patience; to her handling a schedule is not a tedious task in the slightest. She loves handling your calendar, and saving your time is what she is best at.  Simply put, Ashley is the quintessential personal assistant who is the master of your calendar.

Ashley is also easy to use.  Once she is “employed,” anytime you receive an e-mail request to schedule a meeting, in your reply to the original e-mail you only need to CC Ashley, as well asking her to take care of it.  In the CC’d message, it is possible to offer an idea of when the meeting should be held, for instance, a dinner meeting in the next month.

Ashley then takes the reins reaching out to the original sender with dates and times that are available for the meeting, allowing the meeting to be set.  This eliminates the back-and-forth e-mails when trying to schedule a meeting, which not only clutter your inbox, also is time-consuming, and tedious at best.

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