The Grove Adds an Unreasonable Addition to the Innovation District

Unreasonable Institute has announced that they are launching an Accelerator at The Grove in Dallas, “tailored to fit the unique challenges that for-profit/for-good startups face when launching and scaling for impact and profit,” according to Co-Owner of The Grove Justin Nygren.

The Grove is a diverse collaborative co-working community that is “united by our passion for community, social impact, and our desire to leave the world a better place than we found it,” according to their website. This unique community environment is ideal for Unreasonable’s North Texas Business Model Validation Lab, which helps entrepreneurs tackling social and environmental problems with methodology to rapidly and systematically validate their venture’s business model.

Salah Boukadoum referred to Dallas as the Impact City in a piece published by Dallas Innovates.

“Dallas has a unique opportunity to become the center of the world for developing and deploying solutions to our world’s most pressing problems.” Writes Boukadoum. “Social entrepreneurship and impact investing are exploding,” he continues, “These systemic changes now offer Dallas an opportunity to create a great concentration of resources, attract the brightest minds, and become a global center for solving the most important issues of our time.”

The North Texas expansion for Unreasonable is looking to benefit Dallas’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem by bringing together entrepreneurs, mentors, and sponsors with their Business Model Validation Lab at The Grove. According to Unreasonable Institute’s site, tangible outcomes of this collaborative effort include building prototypes, testing prototypes with real customers, building mentor relationships, building basic budget/financial models, and creating an operating plan.

Dallas is situated to become to social entrepreneurship what New York is to finance, and Silicon Valley is to tech. It is very reasonable to believe that Unreasonable’s addition to The Grove could set Dallas’s 21st century global identity as an entrepreneurial hub for people with vision and purpose.


Shannon McConnell