Veteran-Owned Fort Worth-Based Ammo Subscription Secures Funding

Fort Worth-based Ammo Subscription announced last week that they have reached a huge milestone–securing funding.  This veteran-owned business sources the best available ammunition, and delivers it on a user-defined schedule; either weekly or monthly.  The founders define the cost as inexpensive, and they will offer multiple calibers and manufacturers to its users in the typical quantity sold, or in bulk quantities.

Ammo Subscription makes it easy for the gun enthusiast to not just support veterans in the United States, but it is also easy to build an ammo stockpile, without too much thought or effort ensuring that the subscriber always has the ammo they need for their guns and rifles.

The concept behind Ammo Subscription is the same as any monthly mail service from any of the many retailers out there.  Users select their preferences, and based upon their selected delivery method either once per week, or once per month they will receive ammunition for their selected guns or rifles.  Now that they have secured funding the company is able to move forward and prepare for the launch of their store.


Harmony Tapper