Pickup, On-Demand Moving Truck Assistance

Pickup is an innovative company that is currently available in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, as well as Houston, that eliminates the need for the user to find a friend with a truck in order to move something.  No longer do you need to bribe pals with a free meal, or an ‘IOU’, for assisting you in moving the couch you fell in love with at the flea market. Using a mobile device, it is possible to request a pickup for whatever it is that needs to be moved, whenever it needs to be moved, wherever you need to move it to.

The process is incredibly simple. If you’re out at the store, and you find a piece of furniture you love, just open the app on your iOS or Android smart phone, and request a pickup.  The app locates a driver, and then sends them to your location.  The items are loaded into the truck, and then driven to the address of your choice.  The items delivered are insured up to $20,000 and the drivers are part of what Pickup calls the ‘Good Guy’ network.

The ‘Good Guy’ network is made up of off duty firefighters, military personnel, veterans, and other good guy heroes that aren’t currently working.  Pickup claims that they are the best guys around, and are problem solvers, helping shoppers to safely transport items that they are buying or selling, all at a reasonable cost, too.

There are few limits on what can be transported via Pickup, outside of the obvious including no people or animals, nothing that is illegal in nature, nothing that would be considered hazardous, no firearms or ammunition, and nothing valued at more than $20,000 due to insurance purposes.  For large items, a second pickup can be requested, or the user can bring their own muscle to help lift and move items into and from the truck.

The Pottery Barn on Knox Street in Dallas will be hosting Instant Delivery Days at Pottery Barn, Tuesday and Wednesday June 21 and 22, from 10 am-7 pm offering immediate delivery using on-demand Pickup.

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