Estimake, A Platform for Makers and Crafters

There are 135 million makers in the United States, and with the maker movement growing stronger by the day, the need to personalize what you are making, along with the satisfaction of creating something, the do-it-yourself industry is only going to continue to grow.  There can be so much uncertainty though with these types of projects, from how much the materials will cost, to the time commitment of each project; there are many unknowns.  Estimake was created out of the frustration of trying to work on DIY projects with information spread throughout many sources, and Estimake seeks to bring everything into a single space, making creating easier.

Enter Estimake, a free project management and sourcing tool that not only makes it easier for the user to gather the materials needed for their DIY project, but also the estimate of the total project.  Estimake lets the user create projects from scratch, to use projects already found on other platforms, or from projects shared on Estimake.

Estimake takes out all the guess work for finding the needed supplies for the best price.  With websites like Pinterest and Etsy growing in popularity, Estimake makes it possible to recreate the looks and projects that are found.  Estimake’s Find & Buy function allows the user to search for, and purchase,  the supplies needed from many different sources helping to manage costs and reduce waste.  Estimake also makes it possible to save money by advising when it’s better to find another source for a supply, such as only needed a few popsicle sticks, so to try to avoid purchasing an entire pack if not needed.

When inputting projects into Estimake, the user has the opportunity to keep the project private, or to share it with the community at large with the shared projects DIY kits that are created by makers for makers offering instructions and all costs up front.  This also makes it easier to source the materials needed because another user has already found them at the best price, and there is the ability to purchase materials on Amazon and Walmart’s websites, with more platforms to be added in the future.

Alexis Nguyen has been hard at work for the last year building this startup as a Lean Startup Machine project and has stuck with it through to its Beta launch.

“This past year has been a fun, chaotic, and unpredictable ride and we’re just getting started!” Nguyen said. ”  I’m so thankful for my many friends in the DFW startup ecosystem who have acted as my sounding board.  It’s great to be part of an ecosystem that embraces the ‘give first’ and ‘pay it forward’ philosophies,” she said recently, regarding the imminent launch of Estimake.

Harmony Tapper