REVTECH Announces their 2016 Cohort

REVETCH is the Dallas-based seed fund and venture accelerator that has just announced their 2016 Cohort. The founders of REVTECH have made it their goal to make Dallas the center of the universe, when it comes to retail technology innovation. Through a very careful selection of mentors, that have entrepreneurial experience in addition to their retail or restaurant backgrounds, and their involvement in venture capital.

The 2016 cohort is made up of our companies: FindMine, Dor Technologies, XClaim Mobile, and Workplace Arcade.  Each are leaving their mark on the retail industry.

FindMine, New York City

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FindMine is a retail technology company that uses a software-as-a-service platform, utilizing algorithms and big data to offer users a targeted online shopping experience.  Before joining REVTECH’s cohort, FindMine won New York Techweek’s 2015 pitch competition, where they competed against 66 other startups to earn $50,000 in cash and prizes. Setting FindMine apart is their ability to achieve up to 40% higher average order values for retailers that employ their systems, while simultaneously saving merchandisers time.

Dor Technologies, San Francisco
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Dor Technologies is the brainchild of two former Apple Engineers that are working to bring small retailers the power of analytics, without the incredible expense to track customer traffic.  The technology is much more than just a counter, it recognizes how long customers visited for, their employees  conversion rate, offers data to determine if a promotion had a positive ROI, and includes local events such as weather and their impact on sales to better forecast in the future.

Xclaim Mobile, Dallas

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The founders of Xclaim are working to bring big data into the restaurant and retail industry by filling the void between ad click and loyal customer.  Their software detects the device being used, the user’s location, and their wallet type offering a streamlined experience, where customers can add or cancel the offer with a 100% opt-in.  Those who want to buy in will immediately do to, those who are unsure can save the ad making it possible to hit 100% of campaign click and sales goals.  Using geolocation services, when customers are near, an alert will display on the screen while the software also allows for push notifications alerting customers to expiring deals.

Workplace Arcade, Melbourne Australia
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Workplace Arcade is an end-to-end software-as-a-service solution that measures, increases, and retains retail employee engagement.  Increasing workforce engagement is vital for retailers looking to increase sales and offer improved customer service as well as a reduced turnover rate.  Currently used by companies such as Samsung, Costco, and UnderArmour, Workplace Arcade is an intelligent gamification engine changing how employee engagement is recognized.

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