Dallas ISD Police Chief Retiring, Will Launch Bubbl, a Safer Ride Sharing Option

The Chief of the Dallas Independent School District, Craig Miller, announced this week that he is retiring on January 1, 2017 from his position in order to focus on a new venture, Bubbl.

Bubbl is a new venture that will work much like Uber does, but instead of regular citizen drivers, the drivers will be police officers.  The Dallas Morning News reports that Bubbl will be rolled out in the next month, and is a partnership between Miller, and a group of partners who will operate the day-to-day business until he is able to retire.

Bubbl, a unique name for a company, comes from bubble wrap, with Miller telling the Dallas Morning News, “Having a police officer as a driver reassures parents and gives them instant credibility for being safe and trustworthy.”

Companies like Uber have been forced to address serious questions regarding the safety of their services.  The MIT Technology Review asked the hard question–does Uber have a sexual assault problem–after a leak within the company saw the release of a Zendesk database search return 6,160 results for “sexual assault,” and another 5,827 for “rape,” from 2012 to August 2015.  Officially, Uber disputes this number claiming that there have been only five rape claims and “fewer than” 170 sexual assault claims.
Bubbl hopes to use the reputation of police officers, retired and off-duty, as a selling point for their service letting those who utilize the service to feel safer than if they were using another ride sharing company like Uber or Lyft.  The plan is to start offering the ride sharing services in the Park Cities area, and then expand outward into the greater community.

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