Zeel Massages Announces it’s DFW Launch, Brings Spa-Quality Massages Home

Residents of Dallas and Fort Worth gained access to an interesting new service last month, a five-star spa-quality Zeel Massage delivered right to their home, workplace, or event in as little as one hour.  The concept is simple.  You log into the app, available on iPhone and Android, or their website, and select what type of massage session you would like the book.  Then, Zeel will send out a licensed massage therapist to your home, hotel, or office in as little as an hour, and you get a relaxing spa-quality massage at your convenience.

The reservation process is simple.  After selecting which style of massage: single, couples, back-to-back, or chair, the user selects the type of massage, Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, or sports.  If you have a gender preference for your massage therapist, there is the option to select male or female, you select the length of the massage, and who the massage is for.  There is the opportunity to include any special requirements or conditions that the massage therapist would need to know such as allergies to oils or recent injuries.  The massage therapist will bring everything he or she needs to ensure the most relaxing, enjoyable experience possible.

Zeel is available in most major cities, and the addition of DFW is unsurprising with the number of professionals working and living in the region. Zeel is the largest massage on demand company, contracting more than 6,000 massage therapists and the screening process is vigorous. Only about one-half of all applicants make it through the application process to ensure only the most qualified individuals are providing their services to clients.

Along with having strict contracting procedures and guidelines, Zeel also protects its therapist by utilizing an ID verify process on all customers. Other than AirBNB, there is no company that goes as far as Zeel to protect both contractor and consumer. Streamlining the process, the gratuity for the service performed is automatically added to the cost of the Zeel Massage, at a rate of 18%, and the therapists make between 70% and 75% of the fee charged, ensuring they are well compensated for their services.