Aristos Ventures Invests in Armorway, Offering Next-Gen AI Security Options

This week Aristos Ventures announced that they have made an investment in Armorway, the leading provider of advanced data analytics solutions.  Armorway utilizes the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced computing available today, to support their singular mission-keeping people safe by using the information and data available.

Currently offering its services to the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the Los Angeles World Airports Police, and the University of Southern California Department of Public Safety, among other security agencies citizens are already experiencing the benefits of Armorway’s services.  The $2.5 million that has been raised with investment from Aristos Ventures and other high-tech firms and angel investors will allow for Armorway to expand their customer base, expand their research and development team, and to continue their product development in the cyber-physical enterprise space.

Armorway has been named a finalist in the 2016 edition of the Red Herring 100 North America award,  recognizing organizations in a wide range of fields, including security.  Setting Armorway apart from other security firms is the AI technology that can improve the ability for an organization to be proactive in their response to active incidents; first through Sentinel, their first AI platform, which has now been joined by Trust, introduced in February.

Trust is the next generation of AI, turning routine internal security checks into a mechanism of reliable threat detection, and deterrence for any type of crime–data theft or physical.  Trust uses many different techniques like neural networks, complex event processing, graph analysis, simulation, recommendation engines, heuristics, and machine learning. Experts see Armorway’s solution as a form of advanced analytics that looks at data and content, before advising on the different actions that could be taken to reach the desired predictable outcome.

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